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Soldering for low cost - Model SAST WT

Drag soldering SAST

soudeuse par bain d'étain pot de soudure

The pc-board is manually handle horizontally and should past the fluxer, the pre-heating station and is pulled into the solder bath. There is no movement in the solder bath.
The parameters for fluxing, air knife, pre-heating and soldering are individually adjustable.

The Sast is ideal for small and medium batches with an extremely short heating-up time and low solder requirement.

CODE TYPE Pre-heat power Solder pot power Pot Temp. Regulation °C Pot capacityn Power supply Air
146272A SAST3B 1200 W 1300 W 300°C maxi ± 10 °C 40 Kg 220 VAC 5 bar
142243E SAST3E 1200 W 1300 W 300°C maxi ± 1 °C 40 Kg 220 VAC 5 bar


Overall dimensions : L1200 mm x P400 mm x H230 mm
Solder pot dimensions : L420mm x P290mm x H50mm
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Vague de table Vague de table

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