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Reflow ovens, curing, dehumidification for electronic SMT components

RohS Soldering Lead-free

TWS AUTOMATION offers a full line of reflow ovens dedicated to SMT PCB prototypes, small, and medium series.
Reflow ovens are compatible with lead-free technology Rohs.
These ovens are designed to reflow the solder paste or polymerization of resins and adhesives.
The heater is full convection and heating elements are controlled by a PID. The electronic temperature is like Burst Firing allowing to work with high temperature used in lead-free solder process.
Many features are included as standard such as storing programs for displaying different instructions, information display by LCD, the profiler with 4 temperature thermocouples for temperature measurement on the actual profile, a display window at the solder reflow chamber.
For model input / output, the conveyor is made by a metal mesh belt or by a conveyor chains.
These are high quality ovens with a minimization of energy consumption.

They are fully compliant with the standard EMI electromagnetic interference

  TWS 1150 evo
Oven ROHS full convection

Max temperature settings 300°C (zone 1), 350°C (zone 2)
Conveyor mesh width 400 mm
Max belt speed 500mm/min
Clearance above mesh 28mm
Max power consumption 9 kW
Average power consumption 4,5 kW
Heating/Cooling Zones 2/1
Dimension 800x2000x600 mm
Power supply 230V or 400V
Net/Gross weight 180kg/250kg
  TWS 1385 4 zones
Oven ROHS full convection

Max temperature settings 300 °C (zone 1,2,3), 350°C (zone 4)
Conveyor mesh width 400 mm (235 mm when chain kit installed)
Conveyor chain width (min/max) 40mm/325mm
Conveyor height Complies with Smema standards
Clearance above mesh 34 mm
Clearance above/below chain pin 23mm/11mm
Max temp delta between adjacent zones 110°C
Heating zones 4
Cooling zones 1
Power supply 380V and, on demand, 220V
Dimension (LxWxH) 3000x800x600 mm
Packaging (wood) 3150x880x900 mm
Net weight 275 kg
Gross weight 400 kg

  Option double conveyor
mesch / chain

Modèle 1385 evo - Chain
  System full convection
  TWS 1320 evo 4 zones
Model low cost
same as 1385 evo
no tunneln no profiler, no touch screen

   Benchtop model - TWS 850
Used for :
  • soldering prototypes et the very small PCB batches
  • Curing adhesive
  • Hot baking PCB's
    Full convection model
    Setup is via a touchscreen.
    Optional soldering in nitrogen

  • The oven enables to solder boards up to 330 mm length and 240 mm widht.
    Heating of the board is obtained by forced convection of hot air, a well-proven system, giving the best compromise among quality, productivity, consumption and dimensions.
    Easy to use and with good performance, TWS 850 / 850N2 is a cheaper oven who allows to do solder operation in a really short time.
    Even if able to solder very large boards, the oven structure has been design to be a bench-top type, to install it easily even in narrow spaces and thus is ideal for laboratories.
    The electronic control system is designed to minimise power consumption.
    Even if is a small oven it is possible to obtain a great variety of thermal profiles so as to fulfil the most demanding request.
    The oven’s main parameters are constantly monitored by the Touch screen LCD display , always indicating the instruction for the operator and following parameters:

    - Temperature set-point for each heating phase,
    - Actual temperature for each heating phase.

    The forced convection of air is on horizontal line, this due to a fan that blows the air from the inside to the surroundings. The air flux is calculated to not shift those components from their original position.
    The actual temperature of the heater is monitored by computer and a built-in K-type thermocouple.

  • PCB max dimension 330x240mm
  • Max reflow temp 260 °C
  • Max Power consumption 4,5 kW
  • Power supply 220 Volt
  • Dimension 710x640x410mm (LxWxH)
  • Net weight 35 Kg

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