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Induction process robotic application for PCB electronics boards

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Induction process alloy soldering simultaneously a set of points.

The alloy is made with wire rolls dedicated to each individual points to be soldreed.

Heating comes from the magnetic field induced by the passage a high frequency currents in a loop of copper (inductor).

The copper loop is performed on demand and form the shape of part so as to have the points to be soldered inside the loop.
Using generator
CEIA PowerCube
Induction soldering on a round table Exemple of soldering without adding alloy

       Robots ergonomy
       Tête laser Wolf   Tête laser Wolf
       BOXLINE model
NC axis or pneumatic axis
Flat TFT + touch PAD
PLC VIPA + software STEP
Loading parts :
   - opening door
   - with 1 or 2 drawers
       SKYLINE model
NC axis or pneumatic axis
Toutch screen monitor
PLC Siemens S7 or VIPA + software STEP
Loading parts :
   - opening door
   - round table
   - transfer line


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