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Iron Soldering Robot

Irion solder station driven with a 4 axis robotic

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The soldering iron is equipped dedicated calibrated solder tip. These robots are suitable for soldering wires, through hole components or SMT. The distribution of the alloy is made by the wire coil.

1. Robot ergonomic

       BOXLINE model
head 3 axis (X=300mm / Y=300mm / Z=50mm)
Option rotation 180° on the drawers
Flat TFT + touch PAD
PLC VIPA + software STEP
Loading parts :
   - opening door
   - with 1 or 2 drawers
       SKYLINE model
head 4 axis (X=500mm / Y=500mm / Z=50mm / ROT=345°)
Toutch screen monitor
PLC Siemens S7 or VIPA + software STEP
Loading parts :
   - opening door
   - round table
   - transfer line

2. Quick step / dual pos head model
Heads are compatible with both robots and Skyline BoxLine
Mechanism allows controlling the position of tin wire from the failure. This eliminates the wire feeding errors due to positioning tolerances of the part to be soldered. The system automatically detects the presence of pin of the component.
This approach mechanism of the tip and the wire quick step/dual pos is a technology patented by Wolf Production Systeme GmbH.
Two cameras viewing in real time the soldering process.

Optionally, an additional camera automatically controls the joint quality .
Features :

  • Iron power : 120W
  • Head patented "Quick Step Duo Pos"
  • Detecting presence of the pin
  • Long life tip
  • Tip calibrated and enhanced
  • Optimum heat transfer up to the tip
  • Working temperature continuously adjustable
  • Wire feeding by servo with optional encoder
  • Wire feed speed controlled
  • Detection end of wire roll
  • Wire alloy leaded or unleaded
  • Two viewing camera (one vertical and one tilted)

    ;              QuickStep - Dual Pos description

    Pre tinning on tip

    Pre heat of the PAD

    Contact tip and connexion
    Downhill wire to low position
    Advance wire opposite side of the tip
    Tête laser Wolf Tête fer hybride Wolf
    Process Quick Step / Duo Pos on TH component Process Quick Step / Duo Pos on SMT component

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