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Pre tinning mini wave for special machine
Wires and PCB electronic - Application Rework

   Model SOLDERWAVE - click here

  • Soldering and desoldering for TH components (through-holes)
  • Pre tinning
  • Degolding
  • De-enamelling

    SOLDERWAVE is a selective soldering and desoldering station for TH components. The use of this station is for electronics production and repair of boards. It replace the manual operations with a hot iron which are very costly. The principle of SOLDERWAVE station is sending the molten alloy on the surface of the nozzle at a predetermined height with or without overflow. The presence or the flow alloy can be used for soldered or desoldered component.
    The nozzles are interchangeable quickly. The PCB is placed on a adjustable frame holder with fingers.
    The method of soldering or desoldering is very simple to implement, fast and repeatable.

    Possible settings :

  • Positioning XY
  • Height of the wave
  • Flow of the wave
  • PCB immersion time in the alloy
    The tin pot, the pump system and the nozzles are made of titanium. The equipment complies with ROHS standard 200/95/CE.
    Equipment ready for all lead-free alloy.

    soldering rework station Rohs
    soldering rework station Rohs
    soldering rework station Rohs
    soldering rework station Rohs

    We can make tests on your boards.
    Model Solderwave
    Maximum alloy temperature300C
    Maximum PCB size300x400 mm
    Solder pot8 Kg
    Size578x482x145 mm
    Total weight23 Kg
    Power supply230V 50Hz

    Standard nozzels size
    6 x 32mm 7 x 102mm 9 x 35mm 9 x 70mm 9 x 127mm 10 x 56mm 10 x 83mm 10 x 127mm
    12 x 23mm 12 x 25mm 12 x 123mm 13 x 23mm 13 x 127mm 19 x 33mm 19 x 56mm 22 x 41mm
    125 x 41mmv 25 x 36mm 32 x 32mm 35x35mm 38x38mm 44x44mm 51x51mm