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In-line & Desktop Soldering Robot

Soft soldering controlled by a 4-axis robot
positioning on a stand alone workstation or integration into a special machine

   Brochure soldering robots Apollo Seiko

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Apollo Seiko provides automated soldersolutions, each uniquely designed for specific solder requirements for our unique customers. Our soldering robots are specialised in high speed precision soldering to the highest standards. Because of our international network and over 45 years experience we can share our knowledge, deliver quickly our robots, parts, spare parts en provide global back up for our customers.

This makes Apollo Seiko Europe the best automated soldering partner in innovation, robotic engineering and technical or innovative support.
Apollo Seiko Europe is preferred supplier for Continental, TI, Panasonic, Jabil, Nexter, ITRON and many more.
For more information on Apollo Seiko Europe and our automated soldering solutions and services, please or contact us directly.
These robots are suitable for soldering THT or SMD components. The solder wire is feeder automaticaly.
The soldering iron unit is developed by APOLLO SEIKO and is specially designed for robotic soldering in terms of thermal efficiency. Soldering technique point by point or linear

Point soldering applications

Linear applications

IPC A 610 CLASS 3 infra red video

iron Soldering Module Apollo seiko
                Iron head RSP & RSL & ZSB

For more information and productrange of Apollo Seiko, please visit the producer website www.apollo-seiko-europe.com